IPL has always been concerned about its surrounding environment, aware that respect for the environment is not only a duty towards future generations, but also an invaluable resource for a sustainable future.

Since 2009, IPL has embraced a "Natural philosophy", manufacturing a range of flexible hoses with compounds that are partly organic, for both its Industrial and Life Science divisions. The range features high-performance products that require the use of fewer fossil fuels and favor renewable energy sources instead that are not involved with the human food chain

The products have been an entirely new development for the international market and the first flexible hoses of this kind have met with astounding success, proving the value of the original idea and also that customers in Italy, Europe and the world care about environmental issues.

If it is true that "everything you can think of has already been created by nature", we can only learn and benefit from this, respecting nature and promoting industrial development that is in harmony with our surrounding environment.